Gunsmith & Cleaning

A well-maintained firearm is more reliable and accurate, enhancing your shooting experience. CTVSP offers members custom work on their pistols, shotguns, and rifles from a top gunsmith. Our gunsmith and staff can inform members about the advantages and disadvantage of different parts.


  • Barrel Threading $130.00*


  • Pistols & Revolvers: $25.00*
  • Rifles & shotguns: $45.00*


  • Bolt Action Long Guns: $160.00*
  • Pump Action or Semi Auto Long Guns: $180.00*
  • Lever Action Long Guns: $200.00*
  • Pistols or Revolvers: $180.00*
  • Scope rings: $55.00*
  • Telescopes $55.00*

The hourly rate is $90.00*/hr with a minimum charge of $35.00*.

*All prices exclude taxes which are added to the prices listed above

CTVSP is not responsible for defects or damages during the servicing of firearms.