All new qualified firearm owners interested in sports shooting are welcome. We provide a safe and professional environment, along with a staff of well informed enthusiast who understand the needs of our members. With over 2000 members and counting, our members come from all walks of life. This includes members of the military, police forces, and security professionals. Membership is required for walk-in use of the range.

At Club de Tir Ville St. Pierre, members can also take advantage of our large selection of firearm rentals.

Membership privileges:

  • Supervised access to our 16 shooting stalls
  • Large selection of rental guns for our members
  • $15.00* gun rental (per gun, per visit)
  • Discounted firearm storage
  • The option bring guests to use the range (Free for females & $15.00* for males)

Cost of membership per year:

  • $280.00* for regular members
  • $170.00* for active law enforcement
  • $220.00* for Garda & Brinks armed guards, corrections officers, active military, Fire and EMS

*All prices exclude taxes which are added to the prices listed above

Membership requirements:

  • Valid (R)PAL card
  • One piece of ID in addition the (R)PAL card
  • In-house safety course (given weekly)
  • Proof of completion of Bill 9 course or active membership at another Quebec club

Bill 9 (Anastasia law)

As of September 1, 2008 all firearm owners who posses a restricted firearm must remain an active member of a shooting club. No club may renew a member’s membership who has not shot at least once during the year or whose membership has expired.