If you enjoy the sport of pistol shooting this is your club. We welcome all new shooters interested in the sport of pistol or revolver shooting. We provide a safe, professional environment, and our staff is well informed regarding any new regulations or changes to the firearm act.

Where else in Quebec can you try a firearm before buying it? At Club de Tir Ville St. Pierre, members can take advantage of our large selection of firearm rentals.
We have close to 1000 members counting our private members, police officers, and security agents. Membership is required for walk-in use of the range.

We regularly hold friendly steel plate competitions and other events for our members.

Membership privileges:

  • supervised access to our 16 shooting stalls
  • Large selection of rental guns for our members
  • $15.00* gun rental per visit, per gun
  • Discounted firearm storage
  • Invitations to special events
  • The option bring guests to use the range. Members are responsible for their guests. Female guests shoot for free, and the fee for male guests is $15 per visit.

Cost of membership per year:
At CTVSP we have maintained the same membership price for years

    • $280.00* for regular members
    • $170.00* for law enforcement personnel
    • $220.00* for Garda, Brinks guards, corrections officers, ACTIVE military, EMS and FIRE

*Taxes extra

To become a member of CTVSP, you must

  • Have a valid FAC or FPC
  • Provide at least one piece of Id besides the PAC certificate.
  • Take an in-house safety course.
  • Take the law 9 course if you have not already taken it.

Once your application has been approved. CTVSP will provide all the transport papers for your firearms.

Information concerning the application of the regulations of Bill 9 (the Anastasia law)
As of September 1, 2008 any handgun owner who has acquired a firearm to practice target shooting must remain an active member of a shooting club.

No club may renew the membership of any individual who has not shot during the year or whose membership has expired, furthermore his name will have to be submitted to the SQ.