Club de Tir Ville St-Pierre (CTVSP) is a privately-owned handgun and pistol-calibre rifle shooting range.

Fast facts

    • In operation since 1991
    • 16 shooting stalls
    • Individual target retrieval
    • Superb ventilation system 100% fresh air (CLSC approved)
    • Heated during winter months for maximum comfort
    • Special rates for police, Garda and Brinks guards, and corrections officers
    • Safety courses
    • Firearm sales, storage, and repair

We have over 1700 members counting our private members, police officers, and security agents. Membership is required for walk-in use of the range. We regularly hold friendly steel plate competitions and other events for our members.

People who are interested in learning to shoot or trying one of our firearms have the option to use our pay-and-shoot program to use the range under the one-on-one supervision of one of our instructors.

No one may join the range who is not qualified to do so in our opinion. We are strict in our rules and regulations to make our range a professional and safe shooting environment. We have qualified personnel on site at all times to enforce our regulations and safety standards.